Z3N (taintedkiai) wrote in tropical_cairns,

A random noob

*God I hate these noob posts*
I'm one of like 8 people that live in cairns :D (sadly yes I read past entries).
Sick of only having peeps from fandoms on my Flist, I decided I would search out some locals.
Cause when you have access to the enitre world via the internet its always good to find people in the same area.
I'm anti-social at the best of times and random all the time, I like the fact that people don't know me (I hang out on local chats >:P ) So sadly I don't share pics or personal information, I'm not paranoid.

If anyone actually cares feel free to friend me, just let me know and I'll return the favour. But since most of my Flist is from a fandom most of my posts will seem weird. o O not gacy weird, just japanese game show weird.
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